Silent Memory

Silent Memory: “…It was as if Guatemala’s history ended in 1954”

The Dark Road Home

El Salvador has a violent and tragic modern history. Drugs, corruption, and strategic struggle have marred the peace in this otherwise beautiful place since 1525.

Suspended in Air

“…the political upheaval required to keep Greece in the Eurozone is giving rise to a myth of self-sufficiency”

Across 161st

Their talent transcends generations yet they all wanted to hear my ridiculous story…

A Tale of Two Tragedies

Cyber, biological, chemical, and unmanned warfare are coming to a city near you and the result will not be sanitized.

Bushido is Our Code

After a 58-year hiatus, Japan reentered the Special Operations arena and made a lot of people nervous.

Searching for Ghosts

Ravaged by Saddam, Kuwait put its faith in oil, Islam, and the United States of America.

Sugar War

Political upheaval, war, and a shortage of sugar were coming to France.

Geography of Power

Only power keeps the fragile barrier of civilization in place between our faith and our primal urges.

Monkey Business

I gathered the team together and told them we would mount a hostage rescue mission that night.