About Project Stranger

Project Stranger is a book I have not yet written.  Though I will tell the tale using anecdotes from my thus far interesting life, the story is not about me, it’s about the amazing people and societies I’ve been lucky to come into contact with in my travels.

My ambition is to tie all these anecdotes together in a way that sheds some light on this fantastic world we live in.  I don’t yet know where the story will go or what exactly I want to communicate but your interactions will help motivate me to write it.

You will find no classified information here (I’m not Hillary Clinton) but I will try to make it interesting. It’s not arranged in any particular order and it’s not a story you can read from front to back.  You’ll find a mixture of tales, musings, and analysis about what’s going on. The world is just awesome and I’ve seen a good chunk of it so here goes nothing.