Geography of Power

Only power keeps the fragile barrier of civilization in place between our faith and our primal urges.


Djinn and Tonic

I may be the only American ever to get drunk with Muslims in the aftermath of a djinn attack.

Dinner in Pyongyang

I felt a tinge of pity for the poor girl who may actually face imprisonment and death for what we did…

Monkey Business

I gathered the team together and told them we would mount a hostage rescue mission that night.


The driver complied without waiting for my instructions. It was clear I was no longer in control of my own freedom.

Black Ties & Heroes

A gentleman’s club seems an odd place for a black tie event. But there are no brass poles here, only wood panelling, leather-bound books, and a lot of culture.

The Battle of Lom Sak

…why, after 40 years of US training in basic infantry skills, did the Thai Army suddenly become capable of such complexity?

Million Dollar Blonde

What the hell was a girl with a manicure doing wallowing miserably on the floor in this house 40 kilometers from Sudan?

A Good Intelligence Officer

Who was this man that could deliver access to a Thai air base at the simple request of an active foreign officer he never met?

A Beautiful Target

Why send a couple of Green Berets to a place no one seemed to care about?

Victory: A Poison Pill?

President Santos believes a victory through strength followed by a positive peace is the only way to ensure a lasting accommodation. But are the Colombian people ready to pay the price? Perhaps as importantly, is Washington?