My Global Christmas

Put on your hideous sweater, make one of your kids cry, play the accordion, and generally sing, drink, and be merry. It’s Christmas

A Day’s Work

I took a deep breath knowing I had just opened a back door to a foreign government without permission…

Ataturk’s Ghost

Two months ago I was a mandarin in a game administered by Erdal Öztürk. Next month he may be executed…

Sugar War

Political upheaval, war, and a shortage of sugar were coming to France.

Divin’ With Ivan

…when men like that come for you, there are only two options: surrender or death.

Solo Flight

…Chirac or no Chirac, I wasn’t going to die of stupidity in this hell hole.

Geography of Power

Only power keeps the fragile barrier of civilization in place between our faith and our primal urges.

Djinn and Tonic

I may be the only American ever to get drunk with Muslims in the aftermath of a djinn attack.

Dinner in Pyongyang

I felt a tinge of pity for the poor girl who may actually face imprisonment and death for what we did…

Monkey Business

I gathered the team together and told them we would mount a hostage rescue mission that night.