Without decisive action by Beijing, the illegal wildlife trade will never be reduced to reasonable limits.

Bushido is Our Code

After a 58-year hiatus, Japan reentered the Special Operations arena and made a lot of people nervous.

A Day’s Work

I took a deep breath knowing I had just opened a back door to a foreign government without permission…

Ataturk’s Ghost

Two months ago I was a mandarin in a game administered by Erdal Öztürk. Next month he may be executed…

Djinn and Tonic

I may be the only American ever to get drunk with Muslims in the aftermath of a djinn attack.

Dinner in Pyongyang

I felt a tinge of pity for the poor girl who may actually face imprisonment and death for what we did…

Monkey Business

I gathered the team together and told them we would mount a hostage rescue mission that night.

The Battle of Lom Sak

…why, after 40 years of US training in basic infantry skills, did the Thai Army suddenly become capable of such complexity?

A Good Intelligence Officer

Who was this man that could deliver access to a Thai air base at the simple request of an active foreign officer he never met?